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Through Premium Canada’s expertise in anti-icing and de-icing solutions, we developed products that can be easily applied in the worst weather conditions and are long-lasting even on vertical

surfaces. What’s more, they’re also 100% environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-corrosive, and non-

conductive. Whether it's for personal or industrial use, our solutions and products have no parallel when

it comes to personal safety and environmental safety.

Our anti-icing products promote fast, long-lasting ice melting and prevent additional ice build-up by

stopping the formation of bonded ice and snow. Our solutions were created to prevent the time-

consuming process of de-icing once ice is already formed. Our anti-icing approach focuses addressing

the problem before there is a problem. Applying our products prior to winter weather events can save

your maintenance teams time, money, and give you peace of mind. ​


  • Environment Friendly

  • Cost Effective

  • Snow melts quicker

  • Prevents Ice from forming

  • Increases Road Safety


Material handling

Premium Canada’s material handling anti-icing and de-icing solutions are effective on several different

materials. ​Our solutions protect against the friction, downtime, burned-out motors, and belt misalignment that promise to hamper your material handling operations when ice formation attacks

your machines. Our proven machine de-icers will save you valuable time and money while providing a safer work environment.

Release Agent

Premium Canada’s offers a release agent that creates a non-freezable barrier that will keep ice bonding to a minimum. This works effectively with metal and other surfaces in below zero temperatures. Ideal use would in treating inside of wood chip and waste haulers container/trailer, treating of equipment,

and surfaces.



Break the bond of ice and snow at the surface!


Our feature winter anti-icing products include BEET 55 Liquid Organic Accelerator concentrate and Beet 55 – 35/65 Salt Brine Blend ready for use. The use of Beet 55 in salt brine solutions in winter

applications has demonstrated increased public safety, reduction in chloride use, reduction in the use of materials, lower operational costs and maintenance.



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