Premium Canada is tried and trusted in not only the Okanagan, but across B.C and Alberta. We pride ourselves on effective, efficient products and services for use in dust control solutions. Premium has extensive experience and success in controlling dust for both road maintenance and material handling. We developed solutions for our customers' problems, regardless of how complex, and offer complete dust control and surface management.

Our dust control products are certified environmentally safe and can out-perform other methods in terms of hours dedicated to maintenance, cost, and carbon footprint. Our products are reliable, effective, and have been tested repeatedly to ensure customer satisfaction.


  • Environment friendly

  • Improved visibility and safety on job sites

  • Improved visibility and safety on gravel roads, lots, and driveways

  • Reduces cost of watering trucks / man hours

  • Consistent control of dust

Premium Canada's dust control and stabilization products and solutions have been used for industrial facilities, gravel roads, material handling, residential driveways, and many more applications. There is no dust problem too stubborn for our products.


Material Handling

Premium Canada's material handling dust control solutions guarantee that your material handling operations are in regulatory compliance, and ensures that unwanted airborne impact dust is smothered, captured, and agglomerated. Dust elimination is essential to protect your employees and those nearby from respiratory illness, allergic reactions, eye irritation, and other dust-related side effects.


Let us help you minimize material handling dust emissions and keep your operations safe and productive for you and your employees.


Premium Canada presents DUSTGREEN! This dust suppression product is an alternative to traditional chloride products. DustGreen is a 100% chloride free, agricultural by-products-based solution. Perfect for those who are interested reducing their chloride impact on the surrounding environment.

Product List


Dust Control:

DustGone X
DustGone X - DRY
DustGone M
DustGone XE

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