Tire Ballast

Our tire ballast products are ideal for use in making tire ballast solutions where weight, density, and low

freezing performance are critical. By using Premium’s tire ballast product less product is used, less

blending labour costs are incurred, and less inventories are needed. 

Concrete and Asphalt

Concrete and asphalt over time develop cracks, stains, and can begin to deteriorate. Our products provide high quality concrete protection and asphalt sealcoating. 

Asphalt sealcoating is essential to repel the effects of vehicle oil and gasoline. It can also reduce friction and anti-skid properties associated with exposed asphalt. 


The unique formulation of our products helps with the treatment and protection against temperature change, moisture, airborne dirt, acid rain, pollutants, and other environmental factors.

Product List

Tire Ballast:

FreezeGone X

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